Respuestas a preguntas sobre el uso del espectrómetro de emisión óptica, parte 3

Apr 23 , 2023

Respuestas a preguntas sobre el uso del espectrómetro de emisión óptica

11. How to do the standard curve of the Optical Emission Spectrometer?  How often do you do standardized analysis?  Answer: (1) The curve is drawn with many standards.  (2) It can be flexibly determined according to the requirements of the stability and deviation of the instrument.  200 samples per day, need to be done once a week, excluding ventilation, instrument maintenance and so on.  (3) The first time the working curve is made under the guidance of the manufacturer, the production process is relatively simple.  There is no specific time for standardization, mainly based on the stability of you’re an Optical Emission Spectrometer, you can look through the data.  Do one of the following: 1. Change the argon gas; 2. Clean the spark table; 3. Replace the electrodes; 4. Wipe the lens or quartz window; 5. Occasionally a long of time power failure.  

12. What is the difference between milling the sample surface with a milling machine?  Answer: (1) Mill the surface of the sample with a milling machine, and the processed surface is good without pollution.  Grinding with a sample grinder, because the material of the abrasive belt is generally made of alumina or silicide, which has an impact on the analysis of elements such as aluminum and silicon, and the texture of the same sample ground by the new and old abrasive belts has an impact on the analysis results different degrees of impact.  (2) From the technical point of view: A. The samples milled by the prototype machine do have the disadvantages of different depths of new and old abrasive belts, and they are frequently replaced, which is time-consuming.  B. There is the problem of sample contamination, but special materials such as zirconia can be used.  C. The maintenance of the grinding prototype is simple, and the maintenance of the milling machine is relatively troublesome.  (3) From the economic point of view: the cost of the belt grinding prototype is very low, compared with the cost of a milling machine is much higher.  

13. After the steel is remelted in a casting furnace, it is measured with a direct-reading spectrometer. How does the Mn and C content decrease?  (Compared with ICP) where the Mn content is reduced by almost half.  Answer: Carbon and manganese are burnt elements, which will be reduced after long-term heat preservation or smelting.  It is recommended to add appropriate amounts of ferromanganese and pig iron to make up before baking.  

14. How to do spectrum analysis of small wires, how to do it accurately, what kind of standard sample? Answer: (1) Use small sample fixture.  Can control the sample.  Use a compression machine to flatten, and then smooth the surface, without fixture

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